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A good lawn sprinkler is NOT hard to find - just look right here!  A sprinkler should do 2 things: it should work every day, and it should last for years.  We've chosen these from the thousands of poorly made options out there to help you get the job done.
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Gilmour Impulse Sprinkler (Metal) Model# 167SMB
List Price: $52.99
Our Price: $39.90
You save $13.09!

This is a favorite here at (we all have one!).  It's the classic impulse sprinkler, well built metal construction and great coverage (full or partial coverage up to 5800 sq. ft..  Brass and zinc construction and a heavy metal base for stability and durability.
Nelson Traveling RainTrain Sprinkler
Nelson Traveling RainTrain Sprinkler - Model# 1865
List Price: $79.99
Our Price: $62.80
You save $17.19!

An innovative time-saver.  Travels across your lawn to water up to 13,500 sq ft. Uses your hose as a guide.  Durable metal body.
Glimour Extra-Large Tripod Sprinkler - Model# 199TRI1
List Price: $87.99
Our Price: $69.75
You save $18.24!

This extra large, tripod, impulse sprinkler is one of the best you can buy.  The metal sprinkler head can be extended up to 58 in. high.   Provides full or partial coverage to an area up to 8500 sq. ft. with a 106-ft. diameter. Perfect for watering large lawn area, gardens or shrubs.
Gilmour Large Coverage Sprinkler - Model# 199LMS
List Price: $44.99
Our Price: $36.50
You save $8.49!


This is the perfect sprinkler for any yard.  Great coverage for a little sprinkler, metal construction with an impulse sprayer.   It has an extra-large head for 50% more water coverage, up to 8,500 sq. ft. and 106 ft. diameter, 53 ft. radius, full or partial coverage with deflector dial to set spray distance. Large spikes make it easy to place and secure.