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Flexzilla offers top quality, long lasting hoses. Which is the best for you?

Gardening and yard work can go from a relaxing, fun experience to something that is frustrating and tedious when you have to deal with products that do not work as well as they should. Garden hoses are often a major source of aggravation because they can kink, split, knot and ultimately get stiff and brittle. Flexzilla has developed revolutionary hose products that address these frustrations and are proving to be the best in the market.

Flexzilla Garden Hoses - Flexzilla Garden Hoses are made to replace every homeowner's basic garden hose; they are great for basic, every day use because they function the same as the traditional hose, except they don't kink and stay flexible in all temperature extremes.. The Flexzilla Garden Hoses have 3/4" GHT fittings and 150 PSI working pressure. They feature the following benefits:
  • They will not kink.
  • They always lay flat, even after they have been coiled and stored.
  • They are lightweight, making them easy to coil and store.
  • They are resistant to abrasions, which allows them to be durable.
Flexzilla Premium Water Hoses - The PRO line - Flezilla PRO Water Hoses have all of the benefits of the Flexzilla Garden line but are manufactured with the needs of professionals in mind. The are great for landscapers, builders, farmers and in the shop, but are also great for people who want a high quality hose for home or garden use. These high end, premium hoses offer the ability to repair or change the length with reusable aircraft-grade aluminum fittings. They offer the same features as the Flexzilla Garden Hoses, except these are made with a Premium Hybrid Polymer, making them sturdier and able to endure more punishing use. In addition, Flexzilla PRO hoses are:
  • Resistant to crushing. Won't be damaged by heavy equipment and routing trampling..
  • Field-Repairable - Reusable, repairable, fittings so you can repair or change the length of your hose quickly and easily.
  • Anodized aluminum ends, which allows the ends the ability to withstand more extreme circumstances than the average garden hose.
Both hoses are excellent options for anyone looking for the best long-term solution to their water hose needs. You'll replace more than a few "department store" hoses during the lifetime of a Flexzilla hose. We use them ourselves and have found them to be the best hose we've found in the consumer and professional markets. carries both the Garden and Pro lines of Flexzilla hoses. Click here to see capacity options for all of our Flexzilla hoses.

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