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What are Cart Reels?

Cart reels are garden hose reels that can be moved around on wheels. Garden hose reels, or reels for your garden hose, come in a few varieties, including cart wheels, wagon reels, and wall mount reels. The different kinds of reels are designed according to the different needs of gardeners, landscapers, and outdoor maintenance workers.

A good garden hose reel is an indispensable tool for anyone who has to water a garden or lawn. Watering is one of the most necessary and repetitive tasks required for the maintenance of your land. Most people want to get it done with as quickly and efficiently as possible, and a garden hose reel helps you do exactly that. You don't have to untangle knots; you'll take less time to reel the hose in and put it away; and it stays neat and ready to use. Whether you choose a cart reel or some other kind of reel, you'll find watering will be less of a chore with a good garden hose reel.

What kind of garden hose reel you choose depends on what you're looking for. If you want a stationary wheel, you'll be interested in a wall mount reel. If you need to carry your hose over a fairly long distance, or if you don't want to deal with the weight of your garden hose, then you may want a hose reel that you can carry your hose for you.

Cart reels and wagon reels both have wheels and can carry your hose around for you. Cart wheels generally have two wheels, and wagon reels have four. To use the cart reel, you set the reel at an angle and pull or push it to your desired location, and then let the reel rest upright. Generally the cart reel stands on two metal feet, or a curved metal frame, and its two wheels.

Cart reels are very useful for people who need to carry hose over wide areas, such as if you have flowers planted all around your lawn. Wagon reels are also useful for carrying hose, and they're better for people who need a greater capacity. Please visit our cart reel page to see what we have available. If you're not sure what kind of hose reel you need, browse our website , or return to our article page . Whatever your hose reel needs, we have a product for you.

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