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An Overlooked Fall Task

In autumn, many homeowners are simply overlook the simple task of winterizing their hoses and hose reels. Bring garden hoses in for storage BEFORE temperatures drop! A few simple steps will extend the life of your watering equipment and keep it in service season after season:

1) Drain all hoses. Disconnect your hose from the water source. Pull the ENTIRE hose off of the reel, then re-coil the hose onto the reel allowing water to drain from both the end of the hose and the disconnected hose reel leader hose. This will prevent hose rupturing when the temperature drops.

2) Put reels and hoses in a protected area - shed, garage, basement, deck box, etc., for the winter. Keeping it out of harsh winter weather extends the life of the hose and reel by protecting the mechanisms and materials. This applies to all hoses, hose reel carts, and wall mounted hose reels. Most quality wall mounts have a release mechanism that allow you to remove the reel and hose for storage.

3) In areas where it gets particularly cold, it's always a good idea to shut off the outside water supply from inside your home if an inside valve is available. Open the outside valve to release any excess water, then shut that outside valve for the winter. This will prevent rupturing of outside pipes and fixtures when temperatures plummet.

In the spring, valves, reel fittings and hoses for leaks. The spring is the best time to perform routine maintenance on your reels and hoses. Replacing gaskets, swivels and other wear items will help save precious water during the watering season.

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