Charles Franklin: Thank you for your prompt service. In the last couple years I been through two water hose reels, your water hose reels are made very well, I like the construction of them.
Thank you.

Curt Mayhew: I received my order and had it assembled and operating within an hour. Thanks for making my hunt for a non-plastic garden hose reel effortless. I'll be back to buy an air hose reel soon.

Eve Stewart
: Just wanted to let you know I received shipment.
The Quality is far beyond expectations.These are EXCELLENT!
Thank you.

Joseph Goldston:
I have indeed enjoyed my hose reels. They are so easy to detach and take inside for cold weather and once the weather warms, they fit right back into place.

Michael Swift: I am most impressed by your selection of reels available to the homeowner. I personally try to purchase commercial type products for my shop and home. The cost may be a bit more but the long lasting quality far outweighs the cost.

Clark Stafford: This by far the sturdiest hose reel I have ever purchased. The only difficulty I ran into was threading the hose properly through the exterior face of the reel. An industrial type hose which is thicker has trouble making the "bend" required to thread onto the coupler without kinking. Maybe the angle of the threaded connecter can be relaxed a little to accomodate contractor-grade hoses. In any event, I will be purchasing at least one more of your reels in the near future to change out another existing "flimsy" hose reel I have in the backyard( I might buy two if the price was right). Anybody who sees this new hose reel of mine always makes a comment about it about how well-made it appears. Yoy might also considr some sort of simple locking mechinism for the reel.......you know kids when they want to play.

Tom Hapenney: When I arrived home last night my new reel was waiting. I mounted it to the wall and it was everything I thought it would be. Thank you, no more cheap plastic junk.

Christine Boatwright: I'm very impressed with the level of customer service I have received from you. Your response to my a-mails have been informative and were answered in a timely manner. Thank you very much.

Robert Vogelzang:
The best hose reel by far! I purchased the PL series and our hose is now always stored properly because the effort needed to turn the reel is almost megligible especially compared to the the junky plastic reels I've had in the past which were stiff and hard to use--as a result the hose was often not wound up. Thanks!

Jeff Ainslie:
We purchased two of the wall mounted reels to use at our marina docks. As you can well imagine, finding a reel that holds 75' of heavy duty 3/4'' commercial hose is a task in itself! These reels work wonderfully everyday and being able to lift them off the wall brackets, hose intact, makes winterization a breeze. Thanks for providing such a quality product.

Frances Kern: We just received the hose reel we ordered from you and I had to write and let you know how very impressed we are with its quality and construction. We have gone through two plastic wall-mounted hose reels in the past couple of years, both of which cost very nearly what yours did and both of which fell apart in short order. Kudos to your company for providing such an excellent product and a very good price! Thank you!

Potere: Service was excellent, with a very professional web site. A quality product made in USA, what a nice surprise to find the workmanship and excellent engineering compared to the plastic junk I have been struggling with over the past few years. Given the quality, the price is very reasonable. I would recommend it to anyone who is fed up with the poor quality Chinese goods available in most stores.

Bob Shea: I would like to thank you for a wonderful product. Anyone who is tired of leaky plastic hose reels that you buy at the local hardware or big box stores needs to purchase from you. The price may be higher but you are getting excellent high quality metal reel with all brass fittings that don't leak. These units are easy to assemble and are in use within 15 minutes from taking the parts out of the box. The service at MYREELS.COM is superb.
Many thanks

Deneen: Just a note to let you know Frontgate's pricing is much higher and when I tried to order thru Yardlover.com they wouldn't match your price unless I had a large order. Glad I found myreels. I will recommend to others.

: I sure do like the convience of the new hose reel. It rewinds nicely. "off the record" ... it's especially fun when I'm feeling slightly lazy and need a "new toy" fix. It has brought a couple of smiles from my neighbors in the past couple of weeks since I've had it. Thanks for those at your company who invented this "gadget" ... it's fantastic.

Roger Croy
: I am happy to tell you that I received my reel today. I am very pleased that you were able to get it to me so quickly in light of the situation with manufacturing. I was in retail for 15 years, it is difficult to find "old-school" customer service these days. I'm not sure what your position with the company is, but this quality of service is bound to be good for you and your company. Again, I appreciate your help in getting my order fulfilled.

Charles Franklin
: I bought the GH164-CT Reel for the building I work at at NYC. It is Great, and the way it is built, it's the best one I ever had and the price is great. Thank you for making my job better.

Mark Cline:
Purchased wall mount garden hose reel. I am very pleased with my purchase in every area. Only issue I had was when mounting the plastic handle, the handle cracked at the mounting point. I emailed the MyReels and the associate was more than glad to get me a replacement under warranty. Appears to be a engineering flaw as associate knew what I was talking about. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.

Vera Howell: The service was fast and I received the hose reels quickly. I love the reels and would recommend them to anyone interested in purchasing them.

Bob Npeg: Found info complete & to the point, exactly what I needed. Products (3 so far) the best I have found & price was a little steep but worth it for the quality of product.

Jesus Perea: I am absolutely pleased with the performance of my auto wind hose reel. I was tired of reeling in 100 feet of hose with my old hose reel. Your product is great. My dog loves it too, as he likes to run after the hose as it gets reeled in.

Jan Howard: The metal cart is great but the plastic clip on the wheels didnt last long enough to get it to the hose bib the first time. Had to reinforce them myself. Would strongly recommend that you redesign this feature. People buy a metal hose reel for durability and do not want plastic clips on a reel that is suppose to support up to 200 ft. of hose.

Molly Hale: The auto-rewind reel arrived, was installed and I am delighted. For years I have been rolling up hoses, trying different reels available in my local hardware stores. None have worked to my satisfaction. So, I simply returned to coiling up the hoses on the ground. Pretty challenging since I have compromised use of my hands and arms from a spinal cord injury. This new reel is awesome. I appreciate its design and easy functionality. Now I know it is effective, I am going to order another for a different location in the yard. Glad to have found your product.

Joanne Filiatreau: I Love my auto reel rewind hose system. I'm 55 years old, care for 3 grandchildren and needed help with a heavy garden hose. Your system works for me. Thank your inventors; it truly has saved my back this summer.

Larry Heidkamp: After I narrowed down my list to 2 hose carts, I ordered the wrong one. Thanks for working with me and shipping the product I wanted. I know at many on-line stores I would have been stuck with what I ordered. You also had the best price for the products I was considering. Thanks again