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Different Styles, Superior Functionality.

Hose reels come different shapes and sizes. At MYREELS.COM, we've carefully culled the best reels in the market and gathered them here at our store.  To make it easier to search and choose, we've broken the dozens of options we've selected into a handful of coveneient categories: 

Wall Mount Hose Reels. As you might already guessed are hose reels that are mounted to a wall, flatbeds, stacking units and other sturdy, flat surfaces. These garden hose reels are used to store hoses where they won't be accidentally tripped over or cut with the lawnmower. Wall Mount Garden Hose Reels have three main types: perpendicular, parallel and swivel mount. The parallel wall mount garden hose reels that reel garden hose parallel to the wall and perpendicular wall mount hose reels reel a hose straight away from the wall. Some of the more innovative models feature a swivel device that allows the hose reel to swivel away from the wall and in the direction that the hose is being pulled from. 

Stand Alone Hose Holders can be set up right in your garden or yard. These units are made of resin or metal, and are typically set in the ground using built-in prongs or spikes.  They are easily moved and can be stored indoors during harsh winters

For those that need portability, Hose Reel Carts and Hose Reel Wagons put your hose and reel on wheels.  Two or four wheel models allow you to carry up to 350 feet of heavy garden hose easily.  They are an excellent solution for large properties, multiple properties, and for landscapers, farmers and professionals. Important features include pneumatic or no-flat wheels for easy transport over any terrain, and wide stable frames made of steel.  For smaller hose carrying chores, lightweight hand caddy garden hose reels allow you to move your hoses around the yard with very little effort while keeping them free of tangles and kinds.

Among the most popular hose reels we carry are Auto Rewind or Retractable Hose Reels. Hose can be reeled by a touch of a button, or by flipping a switch - your hose is automatically re-wound back onto the hose reel. Our video presentations show you how they function. They are the ultimate in convenience!

Dozens of styles, solid construction, practical and functional - browse our collection and you'll soon see why MYREELS.COM has been you best source for hose reels and hose reel carts since 2001.
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