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Hose Reel Specifications

At we've evaluated and selected the highest quality hose reels, carts, hoses and accessories for both home and professional use. With exceptional quality and commercial-grade components that provide years of leak-free operation and exceptional performance under the most demanding conditions.

The best reels on the market all share some common characteristics. Look for the following as you shop for a premium reel or cart.

Durable steel construction - High-grade steel is formed to precise tolerances and will withstand years of high intensity use. Cast aluminum is most often used for decorative hose reels and stands will maintain its appearance without rusting or discoloration. High impact resin plastic us used in the best plastic reels and is designed to weather both temperature extremes and sun exposure for many years.

Powder coat finishes on both steel and aluminum reels offer the longest lasting protection against rust and wear. A weather resistant, TGIC polyester powder-coat paint is bonded to the metal at 400oF. It containing special agents that prevent scratching and marring, this hard and smooth coating will stay attractive for years.

A Tension Brake keeps the reel from "free spinning" after you've stopped pulling out the hose. Many premium reels employ some type of break to slow or stop the reel as hose is drawn.

The best hoses include a strain reducer at each end that prevents kinking at both ends of the hose and extends the life of the hose. Remember, a premium hose - taken care of properly - should last for years. A lesser quality hose may give you 2 or 3 years of use before needing to be replaced.

Solid brass swivels, or steel and brass combination swivels provide the best method of attaching hose to a quality reel. Swivels include o-rings and hose washers that ensure a tight seal that eliminates leaking. A well made swivel assembly should provide years of leak-free use, and are easily repaired by replacing the rubber o-rings and washers. They are also easily replaced as a unit when they do finally wear out.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about choosing the right hose reels and accessories for your home, garden, farm or business.

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