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Choosing a Hose Reel

Whether you use it to water your lawn or garden, clean the patio or wash the car, a dedicated reel on which to store your trusty hose is essential to keep it in good condition.

But which to choose?

There's a host of department store and bargain basement options, which might be fine for occasional use but rarely stand up to the demands most of us put on our lawn and garden equipment. We've all been frustrated by broken reels and holders that don't last more than a season or two.  Or those hoses that seem to tear, kink and blow up no matter how well we treat them.  When it comes to hoses and hose reels you can usually expect to get what you pay for. Professional quality products will give the best results, and save you a lot of stress and frustration.
What to look for in a great hose reel?
 There are a handful of qualities and features that any durable hose reel will possess:
  1. Look for durable brass fittings. Anything less than brass will quickly corrode, break or bend.
  2. High quality steel or aluminum construction is best.  Steel should be heavy gauge plate or tubular.  Stainless steel is the best material for any hose reel - nearly indestructable and all but impossible to rust. Cast aluminum is strong, light and non-rusting.
  3. Heavy-duty plastic resins are also an excellent hose reel material.  Though not able to withstand the punishment that steel or aluminum can take, modern plastics are durable and weather resistent.
  4. A good finish.  A quality steel or cast aluminum hose reel or hose reel cart will have an impervious, finish applied over the metal to keep to keep the elements at bay and ensure the longevity of the reel.  Powder coat is the most durable finish we've found, and many of the high-quality reels we feature have a powder coat finish.  Stainless steel reels are very rarely painted or coated since stainless is naturally rust resistent - and it looks great in its natural state!
  5. Consider convenience.  Any good hose reel or hose cart will wind your hose without too much effort.  Think about where you will most often store your hose and what you'll be doing with it.  A wall-mounted reel can be set on the side of a house, garage or shed for a neat and convenient storage solution.  If you've got a large or oddly shaped yard,  a cart  may be the best solution for you.  Both 2 and 4 wheel models offer mobility for up to 350 feet of hose.  Hose stands are great for storing hose right in a garden or near a shed, kennel or other area away from the house.

Here at MYREEELS.COM we've taken the guess work out of choosing a quality hose reel to fit your budget by bringing you only the best models at the best prices. Let us know if you have any questions - we're here to help!

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