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What about Accessories for hose reels?

Our selection of hose reel accessories ranges from the unique to functional that will make your garden more stylish, charm and of course appealing.

Garden Hoses:
Over 500 PSI burst strength. Strong enough to hold the highest pressure on the hottest days. Double tire cord reinforced for strength, lightweight, coils and handles easily.
Faucet Extensions:
Stop getting stuck. Bring the faucet to you with this convenient product, features 6-ply Flexogen hose, extends faucet 6 ft. to front of hedge for easier connection and flow control.
Kink Protector:
Protects hose and prevents kinks at faucet and allows hose to bend at sharp angles.
The most appealing and long lasting faucets from MYREELS.COM. They are made out of durable and weather proof brass.
Hose Guides:
Durable hard plastic or powder coated graphite hose guides will keep your hoses in place along the edge of your yard or garden. Sprinklers, Water Timers, Nozzles, Hangers and Extensions, Hose Repair, Quick Connects and much more.

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