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What are Wagon Reels?

Wagon reels are garden hose reels that can be moved around on wheels. There are several kinds of garden hose reels, such as wagon reels, cart reels, and wall mount reels, all designed in response to the different requirements of lawn and garden maintenance. Wall mount reels can be mounted on the wall, lawn or floor, and they are stationary. If you need to carry your hose over a wide area, or difficult terrain, then you may be interested in a wagon reel.

A good garden hose reel - whether a cart wheel, wall mount reel, or wagon reel - is an indispensable gardening tool. If you have to water your garden or lawn, you know how tedious it can be. Dragging out the hose, unraveling knots, hauling the hose back in, looping its weight again and again so it stays clean and neat: not a lot of fun!. A good garden hose reel makes watering simple and easy. You don't have to untangle knots because the hose reel keeps the hose neat as it's pulled out and wound away. The hose reel allows you to take out your garden hose and reel it in more quickly, and you can store the hose so it's immediately ready to use. Whether you choose a wagon reel, cart reel, or a wall mount reel, a good garden hose reel will make your job easy and fast.

What kind of garden hose reel you choose depends on what exactly you need. Wall mount reels are good if you want to fix your reel to a particular spot. If you need to be able to move your reel and your hose around, then you'll want a wagon reel or cart reel.

Wagon reels and carts reels both have wheels and carry your hose for you, but the cart wheel has two wheels and a slightly smaller capacity, and the wagon reel has four wheels and a larger capacity. Wagon reels are very stable and easy to use, and they enable you to carry your hose over large areas without much effort. They are especially handy if you have a very large garden or if you need a strong, dependable hose reel cart for your farm or ranch. Many wagon reels come with tray to carry nozzles, sprayers or other accessories..

All of our reel carts are durable and high-quality. They vary based on the amount of hose they will carry, type of finish and appearance. If you need a strong reel that can carry a lot of hose, you'll probably be interested in our wagon reels. If you need to carry a smaller amount of hose, you'll want to look at our cart reels. If you want to mount your reel to the wall or lawn, try our wall mount reels. If you don't know what you need, browse our website HERE - we have something for you.

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