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What is an Air Hose Reel?

A simple definition: an air hose reel is a reel for air hoses.

A better definition: an air hose reel is what makes your work faster and easier.

An air hose reel stores your air hose and makes it easier to use. With an air hose reel, you can easily pull out the air hose when you want to use it, and then smoothly wind it up again. You can pull out only as much hose as you need and immediately put it away when you're done, so you don't have hose lying around as a safety hazard. The air hose always stays neat, and it puts less wear and tear on your hose. You'll work more quickly, and you'll stay more organized. Best of all, you'll always have your air hose ready to go.

The better your tools, the better your work. You don't want to waste time cutting corners. What's the point of a high-quality air compressor if your hose is damaged or tangled? Who wants to spend the time organizing the hose after you use it? You need a sturdy, high-quality air hose reel to keep your workload flowing and your quality high.

We offer a variety of air hose reels to meet a variety of needs. Whether you're working in a shop or in a work-yard, we have an air hose reel to match what you need. All our air hose reels are strong and durable, made to withstand harsh or variable working conditions. We have an air hose reel for a ¼ inch, 50-foot hose, an air hose reel for a 3/8 inch, 100-foot hose, and everything in between. We also have retractable hose reels, which retract on their own, and hoses that rewind manually.

What kind of air hose reel you purchase depends on your needs. What are the dimensions of your air hose? Where will you be using the air hose and air hose reel? Do you want to mount your air hose reel on a vehicle or workbench, or do you need the air hose reel to be portable? If you're not sure what you need, then please browse the many options we have available.

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