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What is a Power Wash Hose Reel?

A power wash hose reel is an indispensable tool for anyone using a power wash hose. A power wash reel keeps your power wash hose neat and untangled, organized and ready to use. It allows you to smoothly pull out your power wash hose when it's time to work, and then smoothly pull it in again. It stores your power wash hose neatly.

When you power wash, you're working with huge volumes of high-pressure water. You can't waste your time or your money on poor-quality tools. You depend on your tools to get your work done, and to get it done well.

Power wash reels manages the power wash hose, keeping it neat and clean and ready to use at any time. A good power wash reel protects your power wash hose from wear and tear, keeping your power wash hose powerful for longer. The reel makes is simpler and quicker to bring out your power wash hose and put it away. With a power wash reel in your tool chest, you'll work faster and stay more organized. It also helps protect another indispensable tool, the power wash hose.

If you have better tools, you'll do better work. A good power wash reel keeps you working quickly and efficiently. In addition, our power wash reel is durably made, so it can withstand harsh or variable conditions. It has a latching mechanism so you can fix your hose at precisely the length you want. And the reel locks, so the hose can't move in either direction on its own.

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