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What is a Garden Hose Reel?

A garden hose reel is a gardening tool that allows you to easily pull out your hose when it's time to water your garden or lawn, and reels it in when you're done. A good garden hose reel keeps your hose neat, untangled, and ready to use.

In other words, a garden hose reel is a gardener's dream. A good garden hose reel can transform your work in the garden. Ask any gardener who has a good garden hose reel. Watering is one the most basic, necessary and repetitive tasks your garden requires. Do you ever get impatient with the work of pulling the hose out and storing it away, and just leave it lying on your lawn, where it slowly kills a long snake of grass? Well, maybe not, if you're a good and conscientious gardener; but even if you're truly fastidious, maneuvering a heavy gardening hose is annoying work. How much of your watering time do you spend hauling out your hose, untangling its knots, looping it up, and putting it away? A garden hose reel drastically reduces the time and effort spent watering. You'll never be tempted to the leave the hose lying in the grass. The garden hose reel does all the neatening work for you. You'll be able to pull out the hose, just as much as you need, water your plants and lawn, and then smoothly reel it in again. The hose will stay neat and untangled and always at the ready.

There is a great variety of hose reels available in stores and online, including hose reels that have nothing to do with garden hoses. Air hose reels are for air hoses (such as the hose that fills a car's tires), and power wash reels are for industrial-strength, heavy-duty power wash hoses.

Among garden hose reels there is also a great variety available. You can buy hose reels that mount to the wall (wall-mounted hose reels), that roll around in carts or wagons (cart reels and wagon reels), and that have a non-skid rubber mount for multi-purpose use (see Decorative Wall Mount or Free Standing Hose Reel). Some garden hose reel carts even have retractable reels, so you don't have to do the work of reeling in the hose (see Retractable Garden Hose Reels from Legacy). Whether you're a gardener, landscaper, or just someone with a bit of lawn to water, there's a hose reel cart for you.

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