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What are Wall Mount Reels?

Wall mount reels are garden hose reels that can be mounted on a wall. There are many kinds of garden hose reels, including cart reels, wagon reels, and wall mount reels, all designed in response to the different needs of our gardeners and landscapers. Wall-mounted reels are designed for people who prefer a stationary hose reel.

A good garden hose reel—whether a wall mount reel, cart reel, or some other kind of hose reel—is a much-needed tool in the garden. Watering your garden is an unavoidable, sometimes daily task, and if you don't have a hose reel it can be extremely annoying. You have to unravel yards of weighty hose and untangle knots; then, when you want to put the hose away, it takes a lot of time and effort to pull it all in, loop it up, and store it away. A garden hose reel takes care of all the annoying parts for you. You'll find it's much easier and simpler to pull hose from a hose reel, and a good hose reel will smoothly and neatly reel in your hose. With a garden hose reel, your hose will always be ordered and ready to use.

What kind of garden hose reel you choose depends on your preferences and needs. If you want to secure your hose reel to the wall of your home, above your lawn or mulch, then a wall mount reel is for you. A sturdy wall mount reel will keep your garden hose in neat order and good condition, ready and waiting for your watering chores. One of our wall mount reels can serve as a lawn mount or non-skid floor mount, as well (see Decorative Wall Mount or Free Standing Hose Wheel). Another of our wall mount reels has multiple, flexible functions, and can be mounted to the wall or lawn, used as a non-skid floor mount, or transformed into a two-wheel cart (see 4 in 1, 200' Multi-purpose Hose Reel and Two-Wheel Cart).

When you're buying a wall mount reel, be sure to check which way the hose comes out. You can buy a wall mount reel that feeds the hose straight out, away from the wall or the house. This is called a perpendicular feed, or a perpendicular reel. Look at our Wall Mount 3-in-1 200ft Hose Reel for an example of a perpendicular wheel. Or you can also buy a reel that allows you to pull the hose parallel to the wall. This is called a parallel feed or parallel reel. Look at our Suncast Sidetracker Wall-Mount Hose Reel for an example of a parallel reel.

Both perpendicular and parallel reels are excellent garden hose reels; which one you choose is a question of personal use and preference. You'll probably find it convenient to buy a parallel reel if you want your hose reel mounted on the side of your house or building; otherwise, you may want a perpendicular reel.

Browse our wall-mounted reels to see the wide selection available to you. If you think a wall-mounted reel isn't what you're looking for, consider one of our other garden hose reels. We have a hose reel that fits your needs.

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