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What are Retractable Air Hose Reels?

Air hose reels are reels for air hoses. They organize your air hose, keep it ready to use, and neatly store it away. There are two kinds of air hose reels. One kind, a manual rewind air hose reel, the user reels in manually, with a handle and crank. The other kind, the retractable air hose reel, the user doesn't rewind. The retractable air hose reel is designed to reel in the air hose itself.

All air hose reels serve as excellent tools for anyone using an air compressor. Air hose reels keep your air hose neat and in good condition. When it's time to work, you can easily pull out the air hose, and then afterwards the air hose reel neatly winds it up again. With a good air hose reel, you stay organized, work quickly, and maintain high-quality products.

Depending on your needs and preferences, you may want a manual rewind air hose reel or a retractable air hose reel. They are both useful tools, and all our air hose reels are high-quality. The main difference is the method of reel-in. Retractable air hose reels pull in the air hose for you, and you have to rewind a manual rewind hose reel.

Our retractable air hose reels offer flexibility, as well. Many of them are portable. You can choose exactly hose much hose to unwind and lock the hose so it won't pull out or in until you're ready. When the retractable air hose reel winds up the hose, it automatically layers the hose back and forth across the reel, so the hose is smoothly coiled and easy to access. If locked or mounted into place, many of our reels can swivel within a wide range and then lock, so you can keep your hose at exactly the right angle.

We depend on our tools. We need dependable tools to produce quality work. With an air hose reel, you keep your air hose organized and in good condition. The retractable air hose reel makes it as easy as possible to use and store your air hose. When your workspace and your tools are orderly and efficient, you'll find your work is more efficient, too. You'll work faster and better, and what you produce is of high quality - just like the tools you use.

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