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How to Find the Right Garden Hose Reel

With so many options out there, how do you choose the best garden hose reel for your needs?

There are a variety of options available because gardeners have a variety of needs. Whether you are watering a home garden or lawn, the landscaping for an apartment complex, or a baseball field, One person is in charge of watering a kids baseball field you need the right reel for the job. Capacity, hose size, mobility and durability all factor into the decision making process. The most important question to ask as you choose your hose reel is:

What do I need my garden hose reel for?

A good hose reel should ultimately make your life easier. Watering your garden or lawn takes time, and the less time you spend wrangling a hose and reel, the better! No one wants to spend a quarter-hour untangling hose. You need a garden reel hose to do the hard work for you: make it easy to pull the hose out for watering, easy to wind away, and easy to keep neat and organized.

But what else do you need? Do you need to carry your hose over a fair distance? Do you need to mount the reel on a post or a wall - maybe the back of your home, garage or workplace? Do you need a large hose reel cart, to carry 200-400 feet of hose? The answers to these questions will quickly narrow your choices and point you in the right direction.

If you need to carry your hose around, you'll need a cart reel or a wagon reel. Both are wheeled for easy portability. A 2 wheel reel will normally carry up to 200 feet of garden hose. A 4 wheel cart can carry as much as 400 feet. To learn more about cart reels, browse our cart reels page or read the article "What Are Cart Reels ?". To learn more about wagon reels, browse our wagon reels page or read the article "What is a Wagon Reel?".

If you prefer a stationary reel, a wall mount reels may be for you. They can be mounted on any wall - house, garage, shed, etc.. Some mounted reels provide the flexibility to be secured to the lawn or place on a deck or other flat surface. To learn more about wall mount reels, browse our wall mount reels page or read the article "What Are Wall Mount Reels?".

Once you determine the type of garden hose reel that's appropriate for you - wall mount reel, cart reel, or wagon reel - then you can factor in the various options. Here at MYREELS.COM we've done much of the work for you by evaluating and choosing only the highest quality, most well-designed, well-made reels on the market. All of our hose reels are made of the finest durable materials. Whether powder-coated steel, stainless steel, cast aluminum or high impact resin plastic, the reels we sell are made to withstand rugged use AND the elements. Other options to consider include wheel size, weight, storage space, weather requirements, color/decoration, and hose management options.

One last option to consider involves how you'd like to draw the hose from the reel. For wall mount reels, the choice is parallel to the wall or perpendicular - with some products giving you the flexibility to choose either method. The choice here will affect how you can most effectively draw hose off the reel - straight out, around corners, uphill or downhill, etc. - and also how you reel the hose back in. The same concept is true for hose reel carts. The orientation of the reel on the cart varies and choice depends upon use and personal preference.

A knowledgeable hose reel buying decision will be rewarded by years of trouble-free use. Please let us know if you have any questions about matching a reel to your needs - we're here to help! To learn more about your choices please browse our website and check out the other helpful articles here in our Library.

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