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How a Hose Reel Will Improve Your Life

Sure - that sounds pretty dramatic! Hose reels are probably not the most important thing in your life, but they can be a pain in the neck when damaged, worn or just poorly designed. If you use a hose, you need a hose reel. Whether you use a garden hose, air hose or power wash hose; whether you're a home gardener, professional landscaper, or construction contractor; you need a hose reel. A good hose reel does so much more than manage your hose. A good hose reel improves your life.

It's true that a hose reel is a fairly simple tool. The hose reel loops hose on a reel shaft. That's all there is to it. Some hose reels require you to rewind the hose manually, and some can rewind automatically. Some hose reels mount to the wall, some carry hose as in a cart, and some do both. Yet, for all their variety, hose reels are no more complicated than their job. The hose reel allows you to pull out your hose and wind it up again, always neat, and always ready to use.

As a simple tool, you may be inclined to think the hose reel is unnecessary. It is necessary! The hammer is a simple tool, too. Sometimes you can use a shoe as a substitute. But that doesn't make a shoe as good as a hammer. You can reel in your hose without a hose reel, but the process is much more laborious. You need a hose reel to take care of your hose in the most efficient and easiest way.

With a hose reel, you don't have to deal with tangles and knots. The hose reel stores your hose for you, already looped in an accessible way. Taking your hose out to use is so much quicker and easier. Many hose reels lock, too, so you can hold your hose at exactly the length you want. When you've finished using your hose, the hose reel assists you in hauling in the hose and winding it up, and then the reel stores your hose. The whole job takes less time and less work. Also, if you have to haul your hose a long way to reach the place you want to water, a hose reel cart or hose reel wagon can carry your hose for you. Because the hose reel carries the weight of the hose, keeping it from dragging in the grass or tangling in knots, a hose reel helps maintain your hose, as well. Finally, because the hose reel keeps your hose off the ground, your hose reel keeps people from tripping and hurting themselves. This is especially important in a fast-paced work environment.

Every gardener, landscaper, and contractor is different, and your hose reels need to be different, too. We have a wall mount garden hose reel for the small home gardener. We have a weather-resistant retractable air hose reel for a professional framer. And we have everything in between. Just browse our site and see what best fits your needs.

You'll be amazed how much more quickly you work when you have a hose reel to help you.

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