Hose Reel Choices

Garden Hose Reels

Garden hose reels come in a wide variety of sizes, capacities and materials. Most all garden hose reels designed to withstand severe weather conditions and are built for frequent use. There are mainly three basic kinds of wall mount hose reels: perpendicular, parallel, and swivel mount. Choose the one you need based on the angle at which you'll be mounting it. Wheeled cart hose reels allow you to travel freely around the work area while watering. The hose reel can travel with you as far as the hose will reach, and no messy unwinding is required. When not in use, hoses should be reeled onto a garden hose reel. Not only does this keep your working area neat, but it also prevents injuries and protects hoses.

Automatic Rewind Garden Hose Reels

Auto-Rewind Reels represent a revolution in the garden equipment and water hose reel areas, and put the pleasure back into gardening by eliminating the challenges associated with having to manually rewind the garden water hose. Powered by a small and highly efficient water-piston engine, or spring mechanism, these hose reels require no batteries or electricity, and are simple to operate, safe and reliable.

Purchase a garden hose reel based on your hose length requirements, and whether you prefer a fixed mount, or cart. Of course looks and features are important too - so don't forget to look at our specifications and photos!. Our hose reels are categorized by capacity in feet.

Air and Water hose reels

Avoid tripping over the hose and keep it from being damaged by winding it up when its not in use. Our selection of air hose reels will organize your air and water hoses neatly. Air hose reels come in many styles and capacity. If you are short on space in your garage or workshop, consider a wall mount air/water hose reels. If you seek portability, choose a hand caddy that come with a sturdy base and handle on top for easy transport.

Power Wash Hose Reels

Like garden hose reels and air hose reels, power wash hose reels come with many styles and functionality, including but not limited to trailer mount hose reels that pivot and point to where you need the hose, wall mount hose reels that save much needed space. Hand carry models are also available that are light, yet durable to withstand the heavy duty workload.