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Hose Reel Overview

Garden hoses can be unruly - sprawling across patios and crisscrossing lawns. Fortunately, there are smart and economical ways to keep them in line, from tidy wall mounted reels and racks, to carts on wheels. Some hose keepers stand high, other lie low, and still others have devices that reel in the hose while the gardener watches. No one likes the hassle and frustration of wrestling with tangled or kinked hoses. All homeowners and professionals appreciate the utility of a well designed, quality built garden hose reel.

The purpose of a hose reel is to store a hose easily and neatly. There are many different types of hose reels, including but not limited to the water hose reel, garden hose reel, air hose reel, welding hose reel. All are used in very different situations but their basic purpose is to store a hose. Hose reels make it effortless to reel long garden hoses, air hoses and even power wash hoses. Once coiled up on a spool, hoses take up a very little space and can be moved to a garage for winter storage. In gardening season garden hose reels make it manageable and eliminate the clutter and tripping hazard of loose hoses underfoot, your yard or workshop instantly becomes more orderly and safe. The simple design and clearly defined features and roles of hose reels by MYREELS.COM, makes shopping for garden hose reels, air hose reels, and oxy-acetylene hose reels relatively painless.

Simple Hose reel Solutions

If you're looking for a simple, less expensive way to store and manage their garden hoses and you don't use the hose reel on daily basis, we recommend garden hose reels made out of hard plastic. Hard plastic garden hose reels come in variety of sizes, shapes and functions. Most garden hose reels that made of hard plastic and may have weather-resistant brass swivels and bearing. They are an attractive and less expensive solution for your garden hose. The use of very strong plasitc resins in their construction makes these models functional for many years. If a customer's geographical location does not permit the use of garden hose reels all year long, there are solutions from MYREELS.COM that allow a user to lift the hose reel from the wall, if hose reel wall mountable, or move hose reel cart into garage for storage in cold seasons. Choose from wall-mount garden hose reels or portable garden hose reel carts and caddies; or decide between hand crank garden hose reels, retractable garden hose reels and automatic garden hose reels. Here at MYREEELS.COM we've taken the guess work out of choosing a quality hose reel to fit your budget by bringing you only the best models at the best prices. Let us know if you have any questions - we're here to help!

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