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Auto Rewind Features and Functions

Auto rewind hose reels powered by water: Rewinds up to 100 feet or more of garden hose at the flip of a switch. No Batteries or electricity required.

Typical features of Auto Rewind Hose Reels:
Auto sort : Untangles and sorts hose perfectly on reel Hides garden hose: Protection from the elements increases life time of the garden hose. Easy set up: All accessories except for the garden hose and nozzle are included. 3 step installation:

(1) hook leader hose to water supply
(2) connect and direct exit hose
(3) connect garden hose to reel.

Simple to use: Large, easy to access operating lever initiates the rewind of the hose while the water is still turned on. Smart rewind engines are powered by water flowing through the garden hose. One the hose is fully re-wound, simply turn off the water at the source and your hose is neatly stored and available for its next use.

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