Best Garden Hose Reels for Lawns, Gardens and Commercial Use
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Everyone enjoys vibrant, well-maintained lawns and gardens. Whether you are actively involved in landscaping and horticulture, or are simply an involved homeowner, you know that it takes a lot of work, and a lot of equipment, to keep things green and beautiful. "Big Box" home improvement stores and countless online retailers have made it easy to get almost any tool or supply you could imagine. Figuring out exactly what equipment is best for your specific situation has not necessarily gotten any easier, though. Hose reels are an important but easy to overlook item. Lawns of every size and all types of gardens, of course, require regular watering. Even the smallest of watering hoses will quickly become kinked, dirty, and unwieldy without something to mount it on. Hose reels serve this essential purpose. Though they vary dramatically in size, materials, and price, they all provide a cylinder on which to wrap the hose and a handle to retract and extend it. They make using and transporting watering hoses trouble-free, clean, and efficient. Even if you rarely use a hose, mounting it on a hose reel is a smart decision and, once you get a feel for how much easier it makes watering, you'll be glad you made the decision to use one.

What Types of Hose Reels are Available?

In order to accurately choose the best garden hose reels for you, it's a good idea to first get an idea of what's currently out there. The top characteristic that differentiates one hose reel from another is size. Every hose reel is designed for a particular length of hose. From small, 25 foot hoses to extra long 200 foot and above hoses, there are numerous reels available for whatever size hose you happen to have.

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