What You Need to Know About Retractable Water Hose Reels

The use of a hose in a garden, a garage, and even on a boat often results in the same problem. There is often an issue with storing the hose when it does not need to be used. Most hoses are rolled up and put in a holder which is mounted on a wall. A retractable water hose reel is a good alternative when storage is a problem. This is a device that can be made of plastic and is often small enough to be stored on a shelf, in a closet, or a cabinet. The Types Most types of retractable water hose reels require manual operation. However, some variations offer automatic operation. This means that the hose will automatically retract back into the reel. If the quality of the product is a concern, then metal cases are also available. A reel for a garden hose can be found online or by visiting any local home improvement store. Cheaper models found online are often a plastic design and are typically used when no other hose is available. The Operation A manually operated retractable water hose reel is designed with a winding mechanism that is spring-loaded. This means a tug on the hose will unlock the mechanism and begin to retract the hose back into the housing. Most units will include a hose that is at least 50 feet or longer based on the model that is purchased. Units that are mounted on a wall or a post may have an option to pivot. This means the entire unit will turn based on the direction the user will need to use the hose. The Options A retractable water hose reel can be a freestanding unit or mounted on a wall, a pole, or even put on a post. The options for mounting the unit depend on need and preference. The process of mounting a reel will often require a power drill. A user needs to drive a few screws into mounting holes that are on a bracket. The Benefits A retractable water hose reel offers users many benefits. The housing will keep the hose safe from any type of weather. This means the unit can be left outside during winter without any negative effects. The reel can also be unmounted and stored until the following spring. Multiple units can be set up if there is a need for more than one hose. Retractable water hose reels offer a convenient and easy to use solution for hose storage. At MyReels.com we always want a better informed customer. Please check out our selection on retractable hose reels here and let us know if you need any help finding the perfect reel.

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